A company-wide growth mindset is an essential ingredient in an innovation culture that is responsive to the increasing ambiguity and uncertainty of the global business environment. 

Applying a growth mindset in your organization creates a competitive advantage by initiating a radical innovation culture that fosters growth in all three horizons—H1, H2, and H3. 

A sterling example is Microsoft. In 2014, then-new CEO Satya Nadella implemented a growth mindset journey that was the foundation for Microsoft’s movement away from internal competition and lagging growth. This cultural transformation toward a more open, collaborative organization brought Microsoft back from a path of stagnation and potential bankruptcy to an increase in market capitalization from $300 billion to about $2.5 trillion in January 2022.

Applying a growth mindset in your organization

In this 45-minute online course, you’ll understand current management thinking about the transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Next, you will explore 4 key themes of managing with this powerful approach:

See failure as a learning opportunity

Embrace discomfort as a way to unlock resistance to change

Journey toward mastery

Value process over perfection

Finally, you will learn a model and practical techniques for implementing a growth mindset within your own setting.

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This course is intended for everyone: no prior knowledge is required.


Jeremy Staples

Jeremy Staples is a change facilitator on a mission to create authentic learning experiences that help individuals and teams develop their capacity to successfully manage change, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

He has a gift for bringing learning to life by engaging and motivating others. Jeremy’s passion for developing critical, creative, reflective thinkers has been foundational to the work he has done with individuals and organizations on topics like mindset, values, innovation, creativity, and empathy.

Jeremy is an IMGB Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner, a member of the Table Group CAPAPro Network, a certified Working Genius licensee, and a certified Foursight Innovation trainer.