June 10, 2022: Assessing Culture and Capabilities for Innovation Management 

Today we launch our free innovation management certificate course for assessing and measuring innovation management, based on the book Assessing and Measuring Business Innovation, used by Parsons New School of Design, Copenhagen Business School, and Georgetown University, to mention a few. The book forward is written by brain of the year and Professor Emeritus Leif Edvinsson and endorsed by Melissa Renacort, an executive director at the world-leading design school Parsons New School of Design.

You will learn how to use our patented tools to assess and measure business innovation within an organization, and formulate recommendations that are actionable. This is an introductory course resulting in a certificate and establishes a good foundation for continuing with the IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation.

May 15, 2022: Assessing Your Readiness for Green Transformation and Sustainability

We are very proud to launch our Green Transformation course, including the use of our assessment tool SOI, developed in collaboration with BMNP Strategies LLC.

Sustainnovation360 is a unique new assessment to help organizations improve their capability for innovating to achieve sustainable outcomes and benefits. Sustainability-orientated innovation (SOI) also called green innovation or eco-innovation is any innovation undertaken for the purpose, either primary or secondary, of achieving environmental-sustainability benefits. SOI includes innovations undertaken to reduce the consumption of resources or energy, lower GHG emissions or other forms of pollution, implement circular or restorative business models, and protect biodiversity. Whether a company needs to innovate to have more sustainable products, production, or operational processes, this powerful new tool will help assess the progress already made and identify which particular capabilities to invest in next.

April 01, 2022: 60-Minute Innovation Management

This is one of the most popular innovation management micro courses we have ever run, now offered with a certificate. It is perfect for everyone within an organization to learn and get a solid foundation. It is short, sweet, and brilliant. Have fun.