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Are you ready to take your expertise to the world?

Are you ready to take your expertise to the world?

Join experts from around the globe in creating opportunity with Raise your voice next to the best of the best in their fields: NASA Rocket Scientists, Top Professors , Innovation Experts, Entrepreneurs at the Cutting Edge, and more. At Innovation 360’s insight platform we are all sharing what we know in order to build a community that will drive all of us forward and the world into its future.

It’s never been easier to start or continue your thought leadership journey. provides the platform, the tools, and even production help at no cost to you, the Course Author. We want your expertise to shine. We know it’s never been more important to become a thought leader. The world is full of competing voices and value propositions.  And it’s only growing more cluttered.

This is why being a part of a rising tide that is raising all ships, like our collaborative community of business-building, lead-generating, experts, has never been more valuable. Together we can leverage your wisdom, with ours, to give the world the sustainable shifts it needs to take humanity to our next innovation horizon.

It’s no longer enough to sit on the sides and offer comments. It’s now the perfect time to own what you know, learn to tell that story, and raise your voice for the innovations we all need to thrive.

Nothing is holding you back

Nothing is holding you back

Whether you’re a novice or this is just another branch you’re growing on your thought leadership tree, Innovation 360’s platform is here to help. We have a best-in-class structure and can support you from inception to execution. From thought leadership experts, award-winning storytellers and globally-connected masters of business generation we are empowering the next wave of leadership in areas that the world needs most to hear.

The world has never changed so fast. But, it will never change so slowly again. So, whatever is holding you back, let’s move through it and raise our voices in expertise together. In a world of change, we’ve never needed a dedicated community of changemakers more than right now.

We are here to help

Jack and Magnus at AMC Networks in NYC in the “Hip Hop Studio Room”

Magnus Penker

Magnus Penker is an internationally-renowned innovation, sustainability and transformation thought leader and USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

He is a speaker in prestigious global forums and events, such as The Global Peter Drucker Forum and BTOES the larges Business Transformation Conference in the world, top-ranked international business and design schools, a variety of associations, and some of the world’s largest companies.

Mr. Penker is currently writing a 5 Volume Series on Business Innovation titled The Complete Guide to Business Innovation and is contributing as an editor at the International Journal of Innovation Science.

Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts is a Cherokee storyteller turned global design strategist and the bestselling author of Echo Designs Her Way Out of a Paper Bag: a book about how to change anything using design thinking and storytelling.

He’s won awards as a producer, writer, actor, and designer in feature film and television with 11 awards and 23 nominations to date. He’s also ghostwritten another 20+ books.

He’s the founder of Innovation 360’s strategic partner, storylab, a global narrative design and culture change firm using the power of story to shape innovation culture all over the world.