In the span of 10 years, Innovation 360 has grown from scratch to building the leading innovation management consultancy with the #1 methodology and interactive online tools on the market. Our clients now range from a host of Fortune 500 companies and unicorns, the United Nations, governments, and luxury brands like Koenigsegg and Cartier. In addition, our clients include regional headquarters on every continent. Through our interactive online tools and comprehensive methods, they have been able to support their local businesses with incredible growth. Moreover, the tools, methods, and frameworks we have used to get us here can be in your hands, too. The tools that we have created cover the entire end-to-end lifecycle and several key aspects of innovation management. Hence, our practical approach includes ideation, innovation readiness testing, sustainability, growth, and transformation. Notably, these tools are quickly changing the landscape of innovation management.

We are now offering you the opportunity to sign up, and gain access to top-quality courses, several at no cost. Furthermore, we are inviting you to test-drive some of the assessment tools we and other top consultants use.

Various certificates are available to you, including Innovation Certificates, Innovation Management Certificates, Sustainability Development Certificates, and full-scale Innovation Management Accreditation Programs.  


We also offer our renowned accreditation program as well as tool licenses bundled with training programs, where individuals can become a Licensed Practitioner. As a Licensed Practitioner, you will enjoy access to our tools and the use of our brand, testimonial, and case studies to sell and deliver engagements.

The accreditation program ranges from IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation™ to IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™.