Innovation Assessment

Today it is officially announced that we will launch our free innovation management course for innovation assessment, based on the book Assessing and Measuring Business Innovation, used by Parsons New School of Design, Copenhagen Business School, and Georgetown University, to mention a few. The book about innovation assessment is forwarded by the brain of the year and Professor Emeritus Leif Edvinsson and endorsed by Melissa Renacort, an executive director at the world-leading design school Parsons New School of Design. The book is used by prestigious universities worldwide, including Copenhagen Business School and Georgetown University.

In the course, you will learn how to assess and measure business innovation within an organization using our proprietary and patented tools and formulate recommendations that are actionable. You will be able to test-drive the tools to see how it is working.

Assessing Culture and Capabilities for Innovation Management is an introductory course with a certificate and represents a good foundation for continuing with the IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation program or other deeper programs in Innovation Management.

Based on the last 100 years of current thinking in innovation management, we have created the largest innovation management database in the world. We have grown to have Fortune 500, unicorns, the United Nations, governments, and luxury brands such as Koenigsegg and Cartier. Also, regions as clients on every continent are attracted by the suite of interactive online tools. These tools we have created for ideation, innovation, sustainability, growth, and transformation. Former top consultants use these tools, as well as executives from organizations like NASA. Also, Professors at top-ranked universities and internal consultants at some of the world’s largest companies, such as Henkel, Carrier, and others.

We now offer you the opportunity to sign up at no cost to get access to top-quality courses. Also, we offer test-drive a simplified version of the innovation assessment tool we developed used by us, our accreted partners and large international firms.