Embrace the Future with Technology Scouting

This course will show you how technology scouting tools and methodologies unlock the potential of the external technology landscape. Accordingly, You’ll find valuable solutions to innovation challenges, expanding capabilities beyond your company boundaries. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into the crucial role tech-scouting plays in the innovation process.

Highlights of the Technology Scouting course include:

  • 23 years of invaluable experience and learning.
  • An efficient and optimized process for conducting tech-scouting.
  • Insights into the integration of tech-scouting with technology and innovation management.
  • Strategies to overcome challenges and ensure acceptance of external technologies.
  • Key resources, including a Scouting Brief Template and a Summary Checklist.

By enrolling in this course, as Technology Scout generally, you’ll achieve the following goals:

  • Master a 6-step process for successfully running a technology scout and achieving innovation goals.
  • Uncover existing solutions through tech-scouting, realizing that someone has already solved your problem.
  • Avoid missed opportunities correspondingly by employing sure-fire techniques.
  • Overcome challenges with technology scouting, furthermore making your scout more efficient and accelerating your speed to market.


USD 29


When you complete the Embracing the Future with Technology course, you will be able to purchase the micro-credential certificate “Embracing the Future with Technology Scouting” by Innovation 360 Group.


This course is for anyone who wants to gain insight into technology scouting.


Dr. David Greenhalgh

Dr. David Greenhalgh is a distinguished expert in innovation management, with extensive experience in multiple chemistry-using industries. As the director and principal innovation partner at IOCIS Consulting, he has supported countless clients in overcoming their innovation challenges. Dr. Greenhalgh specializes in open innovation and technology scouting, having worked with industry giants like Johnson & Johnson and the UK public sector to foster innovation. With a background in chemistry and a PhD in pharmaceutical formulation science, he brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical expertise to the course.