Design thinking is a way to make scalable changes, fast. It can apply to every aspect of our lives:  personal (changing up your online profile, say), professional (like making a career pivot), or organizational (a reorg, a cultural shift, a product innovation… and many, many more examples). 

The strategic designer creates the conditions for scalable solution creation. This may mean solving problems, true. But it may also mean redesigning the whole reality so the problem goes away. 

“But I’m not creative!”

Many so-called experts believe that design thinking belongs only in certain life-cycles of an organization. This course takes a more liberal approach. Others see design as the sole purview of designated creatives. Design professor and bestselling author Jack Roberts disagrees: “You, like all of us, are a designer. If you were ever a child, you’re still creative. If you’ve ever solved a problem, you’re creative.”

Learning the third way

In this online course in design thinking, you’ll start by gaining fluency in the design thinking methodology. Then you’ll learn the basic process of designing (or redesigning) anything. 

Hear both the “how-to’s” and the “why’s” from the founder of storylab®, as Jack Roberts describes the driving forces and some of the techniques behind using the power of design thinking and storytelling to change your world.

Join Jack as he shares the basics of the mental model taking the world by storm.




After completing the course, you have the option of purchasing a blockchained digital micro-credential certificate for USD99.


If you were once a child and are now, arguably, a professional, you are invited.


Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts is a Cherokee storyteller turned global design strategist, consultant, and the bestselling author of Echo Designs Her Way Out of a Paper Bag, a book about how to change anything using design thinking and storytelling.

He’s won awards as a producer, writer, actor, and designer in feature film and television with 11 awards and 23 nominations to date. Jack is also a published poet, and the award-winning author of more than a dozen screenplays, teleplays, books both fiction and non-fiction, and even bestselling cookbooks. He’s also ghostwritten another 20+ books.

Jack Roberts is the founder of Innovation360’s strategic partner, storylab, a global narrative design and culture change firm using the power of story to shape innovation culture all over the world. In addition to consulting widely, Jack teaches and designs courses in storytelling, design thinking, integrative design, strategy, and creative leadership at Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York.