Become a Licensed Practitioner with our Innovation Tools

If you consider yourself already sufficiently skilled but do not have access to the leading innovation tools, this is the solution for you. Moreover, it also includes templates, reference cases, and methodology like the top consultancy firms in the world. Basically, if you lack innovation tools, you have three choices.


Stay where you are


Develop yourself, but at a huge cost


Join us

People and Multi-language innovation tools in 45 countries

We have licensed practitioners in 45 countries. Our accredited network of professionals have worked with every type of organization and culture; from SMEs and regional development agencies to the largest firms and organizations in the world. They do this in the capacity as independent consultants, professors, internal consultants, or boutique firms focusing on, or developing, Sustainability and Innovation as well as Growth strategies.

Hence, we offer full-scale accreditation and live courses with trainer support before, during, and after. And what’s even better, the first level IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation™️. Just log in and try it out.

You will get access to tools for external and internal analysis (360 assessments). This includes artificial intelligence support, client collaboration interfaces, analytical interfaces, and data access, as well as report generation. Firstly, you will have access to our external innovation tools. The external innovation management tools are Scenario Planning, Key Driver Mapping, and our ideation platform ideation360. Secondly, you will get access to our internal innovation tools for assessing and benchmarking innovation management strategies, leadership, capabilities, culture, sustainability, and competencies. Moreover, we also offer sustainability assessment and advanced tools for multi-case management, like for regional development, for tens or hundreds of companies and organizations at the same time.

All our tools are fully aligned with the ISO 56000 family of Innovation Management standards. We have contributed to the design and the content of these standards at the coalface from the start! Saying that these standards act as baselines and starting points. Our world-leading approach, framework, guidance, tools, training, network, and experience support you and your team all the way; to successful and sustained innovation.

The advantages of getting your accreditation and status as an Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner

  • Gain access to leading online artificial supported tools for analysis and client online work
  • Learn how to assess and measure external context (business key drivers and scenarios) as well as internal capabilities, leadership, and strategy for innovation management
  • Present and implement recommendations with data and evidence 
  • Build your personal and professional brand
  • Join a global network of Licensed Practitioners where you can cooperate and co-deliver. 
  • Earn a worldwide recognized accreditation with a blockchain-connected certificate, used by Harvard, Oxford, and IEEE. To share on LinkedIn, your website, email footer, etc.

You can do our accreditation and training self-paced (sign up below) or apply for the instructor-lead program

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