Sustainability Oriented Innovation

We are very proud to launch our Green Transformation, including the use of our ESG assessment tool SOI – Sustainability Oriented Innovation, developed in collaboration with BMNP Strategies LLC. 



Sustainnovation360™️ is a unique new ESG assessment focusing on the ´E´, to help organizations improve their capability for innovating to achieve sustainable outcomes and benefits. Sustainability Oriented Innovation (SOI) – also called green innovation or eco-innovation – is any innovation undertaken for the purpose, either primary or secondary, of achieving environmental-sustainability benefits. SOI includes innovations undertaken to reduce the consumption of resources or energy. All things considered, lower GHG emissions or other forms of pollution, implement circular or restorative business models, and to protect biodiversity. Whether a company needs to innovate to have more sustainable products, production, or operational processes. Analogous to this powerful new tool will help assess the progress already made and identify which particular capabilities to invest in next. Sustainability Oriented Innovation is the right thing! 

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How to innovate for Sustainability Oriented Innovation and drive green transformation

Innovation should not be elitist. It is for everyone. We mean that in two ways. By all means, no one should think that this is a special talent possessed by only a lucky few. Everyone can learn how to innovate successfully. It’s a science – not a mad science like alchemyRather a good science like chemistry. All it takes is the right combination of the right elements to innovate successfully. Once those elements are in place, a company can replicate the process over and over again. After all, no company can depend on a single great idea for very long. A culture of Sustainability Oriented Innovation is required to win consistently in a rapidly changing market.

In case, we must recognize that innovation can and must do far more for us than just helping a single company become a bit more efficient. Our entire planet needs to think more innovatively if we hope to prevent a potentially catastrophic future.

Inside My360, you will find resources related to our insights and learning certificates in sustainable development, where you will b able to test drive the SOI solution by generating a sample report.