An ambidextrous organization invests in high-risk/high reward breakthrough projects while simultaneously managing innovation more incrementally in established product or service lines. 

Not surprisingly, research has confirmed that companies that demonstrate ambidexterity produce innovations with a greater impact on company performance. Most companies understand the concept, but struggle to execute a balanced innovation portfolio strategy. 

In this 1-hour online course you will explore the elements of a successfully ambidextrous organization. Management and execution involve understanding the capabilities needed, establishing the framework and structure, implementing portfolio management, and selecting staffing / organizational structures.

Learn the current theory and practical approaches to managing a successful ambidextrous organization from an industry expert.


Why Innovate?

Uncertainty in Innovation

What is Ambidexterity?

Why is Firm Ambidexterity Important?

Leadership and Management Path toward Ambidexterity




At the conclusion of the 1-hour course, you have the option of purchasing a blockchained digital micro-credential certificate for USD99.


Anyone working within an organization who wants to increase the impact of innovation on performance. Ideally the viewer is familiar with the fundamentals of innovation management and has already completed 60 Minutes of Innovation Management by Magnus Penker.


Dr. John Cocco

An adjunct professor of management at Boston University, John Cocco has 35 years’ experience as a technical manager at a multi-billion-dollar multinational organization. In addition to serving as Senior Vice President of Innovation, Product Development, and Technical Service globally for Henkel Corporation’s Loctite Adhesives business unit, he has also owned and managed several small service businesses, including a real estate property management firm and a small Vermont Inn.

Dr. Cocco holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University, and an MS in Engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in Innovation Strategy from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Cocco is also recognized by the American Brewer’s Guild as a master brewer.