Employee engagement is at an all-time low. Recently, a 2022 Gallup poll found that 65% of US employees and 79% of employees globally are disengaged from their work. That’s over 6 out of 10 US employees and an extraordinary 8 out of 10 employees worldwide!

What’s going on?

The simplest answer is the pandemic, of course. Its stresses, economic and societal disruption, and companies’ varying responses have driven the so-called “Great Resignation” worldwide.  

But when we dig deeper into organizational behavior, we find that the direct cause is neither new nor complicated—employees feel they have been unfairly treated by their direct managers.

We know that employee engagement in their work yields significant benefits for organizations.  For example, increased customer brand loyalty, low voluntary turnover rates, and increased revenue are among the many positive outcomes of strong employee engagement. And proactively working to create high levels of employee engagement has been central to the success of organizations like Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, and Apple.

Yes, but how?

In this 45-minute class, you’ll learn why employee engagement is currently so low and how organizational health can contribute to your organization’s success on a variety of metrics. After laying this foundation, you’ll explore 3 key themes with practical management applications that will bring you insight about increasing employee engagement in your organization.


The Challenge of Employee Disengagement

Tackling Anonymity, Immeasurability, Irrelevance

The Three Reasons

Applying the Model




After completing the course, you will have the option of purchasing a blockchained digital micro-credential certificate for USD99.


This course is intended for everyone: no prior knowledge is required.


Jeremy Staples

Jeremy Staples is a change facilitator on a mission to create authentic learning experiences that help individuals and teams develop their capacity to successfully manage change, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

He has a gift for bringing learning to life by engaging and motivating others. Jeremy’s passion for developing critical, creative, reflective thinkers has been foundational to the work he has done with individuals and organizations on topics like mindset, values, innovation, creativity, and empathy.

Jeremy is an IMGB Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner, a member of the Table Group CAPAPro Network, a certified Working Genius licensee, and a certified Foursight Innovation trainer.