Innovation Certification & Professional Certificate

For Innovation Certification and Professional Certificate, we offer, at no cost, our micro training, as well as tool subscriptions with included online training,  and accreditation programs. We have three levels of a certificate.


Micro-credentials, free och charge, where you can buy a  non-expiring blockchain certificate to be shared. 


Tool subscriptions include training and a blockchain sharable license to use it.


The highest level is the Accreditation, a yearly subscription program for practitioners, where you get access to tools, data, templates, and all you need to build up your practice internally at your organization or as a consultant. You will also be able to use our credentials to sell and deliver. These are yearly licenses that are renewable (manually, you can always leave). Also, here you will receive a blockchain certificate proving that you are accredited as an Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner. The first step, IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation, of the program, exists as both instructor-led and self-paced.  After that and up to IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt is only instructor-led with extensive assignments to prove your ability. IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt is one of the most well-reputed accreditations for innovation management professionals that exists.

How to Use Your Credential